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DGPS (Heimat Centre) | LEGO® JUNIOR ROBOTICS 7+ | After School | Thu Term 3 | 2021

125 George Street
Doncaster East, Victoria 3109

After School Program 
LEGO® Junior Robotics - Suitable for Ages 7+ 
Students will learn the fundamental principles of robotics and programming as they incorporate the newest generation of motors and sensors into their own purpose built robots. By solving specific challenges students will quickly become confident with coding enabling the opportunity for creativity in making their own design and programming modifications. 
Your child's learning doesn't need to stop when the bell rings. At Bricks 4 Kidz, we believe it's important to tap into a child's potential by encouraging their curiosity and creativity in and out of the classroom. Our fun-filled model plans designed by engineers and architects, teach children to learn with LEGO bricks. Our theme based project kits motivate children by reinforcing S.T.E.M based principles while enhancing self esteem, improving fine-motor skills, and teaching important classroom lessons such as organisation and following directions. Every week the children will build a motorised technic model.

Classes are appropriate for both experienced and new students.

*** Our instructors will  be bringing the students from Doncaster Garden PS over to Heimat Centre after school